About Artful

ARTFUL is a social enterprise that combines identifying and creating opportunities for community engagement that inspire and enable people with support and professional development for artists and makers

Our aims are to empower people to become active members of their communities and make positive contributions to them, and to contribute towards creating a diverse and non-judgemental society. 

We work towards a multi-agency approach wherever possible through collaborations with organisations, businesses, schools, colleges and universities.

To discuss a project, drop us a line.

Who we are

Victoria Hilton (Creative Director) is a community artist and event organiser, and the founder of Artful. She has curated over fifty exhibitions and events, including the nationally recognised ‘People’s Parade’ carnival. She is a passionate believer that art can be a powerful tool to engage and empower communities.

Delton Taylor (Creative Director) works in community support and is also a graphic designer focusing on solutions for independent businesses and community organisations. As an artist, he works in a variety of mediums from digital printworks to sculpture. 

Mark Lee (Director) is an editorial designer and art director, and has worked internationally in book publishing for twenty years. Under the names of EM or Unpop, he is also an artist, printmaker and occasional writer who works in digital and traditional media.